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Editorial Policy

The journal operates a stringent peer-review process. All manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editors, members of the Editorial Board, or other peer reviewers. At the discretion of the Editors, a manuscript may be returned immediately without a full review, if deemed not competitive (for originality and quality) or outside the realm of interests of the majority of the readership of the Journal. The decision (reject, revision, accept) letter will be conveyed through The Open Journal System Website, coming directly from a member of The Editorial Team who has assumed responsibility for the manuscript's review. If a revision is requested the revised manuscript must be returned within two weeks for minor, or six weeks for major, revisions. If it is not submitted within this time frame, it may be treated as a new submission and may be sent out for review to different reviewers. Editorial decisions are based not just on the technical merit of the work, but also on other factors such as the priority for publication and the relevance to the Journal's general readership. All papers are judged in relation to other submissions currently under consideration. Acceptance of papers is based on the originality of the observation or investigation; the quality of the work described; the clarity of presentation; and the relevance to our readership. Rebuttals to rejected manuscripts are strongly discouraged and requests for resubmission of rejected manuscripts are generally not granted.